Friday 4 July 2014

Twikkii Island

Hi. I did another world from The Sims 2!
Twikkii Island - it's a my favourite world in TS2!
You need:
Late Night
Island Paradise 
no ccc



  1. now this is beautiful ..10X better than Rflongs world....I love all your worlds by the way..GORGEOUS!!

  2. Hey Peter! Great version of Twikki Island! Well done! My name is Valera and I'm from Russia and I thought maybe you would like to take a look at MY version of Three Lakes in The Sims 3... If you want to then check out the following link ( ) It's a russian site but my message is the second one (by SimValera). There's a download link (blue word Скачать) that will send you to There you can change the language to English or Czech ;) Hope you'll like my world! It's populated though everything is on russian... But yeah...

  3. Replies
    1. Definitely, this is last world in The Sims 3.

  4. Great job on the coastline! That blue water makes is just WOW :P
    I love this version you've made, very nice!

    1. Thank you so much :P I love the custom INI files + colour ramps!

  5. Hello! I passed by to say I love your worlds. They are so beautiful, detailed and realistic! I can tell you've put so much of your time and dedication on them. I was wondering if you have any base game-only worlds as I haven't seen them. Thank you in advance ^^

  6. I don't have island adventure it's works anyway?
    Excelent job!
    And another question, It can be used as holiday destination with mod Twallan the traveler?

  7. Thank you! Such a beautiful world :) I can't wait to play with your world!


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